The Wild Rose Difference

We keep alive traditional crafts, ancient trade routes and age-old skills. It helps ensure these skills remain in the hands of those that have passed them down – and continue to do so—over the centuries.

We support and actively link artisan communities around the world to ensure maximum trade opportunities; from Jaipur (our fabric printing) to Kenya (our tailors) and Ecuador (our button makers).

Wild Rose began with the goal of making vibrant, stylish clothing that is as unique as its wearer. Inspired by the natural world, our cotton shirts bring out the colourful side of life.

We work with Indian artisans who use the centuries old hand block printing technique to create beautifully patterned fabric.

Once we have sourced the highest quality fabric, it is brought to Kenya where our tailors create shirts that set you out from the crowd. Our tailor’s impeccable attention to detail have made our shirts a favourite of style-conscious people around the world.

We aim to make our shirts a positive force in the world, setting an example to others about how companies can help address social and environmental challenges. 

We are working with artisan communities in both India and Kenya, supporting local industries and helping preserve block printing and tailoring skills on either side of the Indian Ocean. 

Globally, we are also facing huge environmental challenges including climate change, plastic pollution and unsustainable resource use to name a few. 

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to minimise their environmental footprints and we are no exception. Whilst we have a long way to go, we are taking steps in the right direction.



Each of our prints are a homage to the natural world and are named after local flowers and plants using Swahili names.

The intricate designs are block-printed using a centuries-old technique in Jaipur, India.

In this world of fast fashion, it is easy to take the designs of our garments for granted as the majority of clothes are digitally printed. Intricate graphics and logos can be altered at the click of a button to adapt to ever changing trends and styles.

When our customers purchase our clothing, they are helping support artisans in Jaipur and ensuring that these skills are given the rewards they deserve.



With a view to reduce our use of plastic, we have switched to use buttons from Corozo, a 100% natural material sourced from the seeds of the Tagua tree.

Corozo has a natural grain, giving each button a unique pattern and this eco-friendly attention to detail is behind the inspiration we have for every shirt.

Ensuring a sustainable, ethical clothing product that looks great and reflects the natural world.



We support local communities across the globe – from button-makers in Ecuador, block printers in India to creatives and tailors in Kenya.

The company also works closely with local NGOs to help street children and provide job opportunities for unemployed youths.

The future of Wild Rose is tied to the futures of our staff, designers and craftspeople, we’re always looking to give back to the communities that support us and keep our business alive. Supporting Wild Rose supports the people we work with.


As well as using sustainable Corozo buttons, we have shifted to use plastic-free packaging with paper and biodegradable polymer bags used for all Kenyan sales. We will be phasing out plastic from our UK packaging over the course of 2020.

We strongly believe that being eco-friendly and environmentally-conscious should be a priority for every brand. 

Looking good should not cost the planet and we take every measure we can to ensure our products are sustainable as well as beautiful.